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Jakarta, 15-18 December 2011 Actually, this experience has happened in the last year, but I still want to remember it and put it in this article.

Who does not want to participate in a world class event let alone show it very much has the quality of education, information, friends between countries, and reflects our country. This event is the international robotics, happened this year entrusted to host Indonesia precisely at the University of Jakarta Tarumanegara.
International Robot Olympiad is a sciene, technology and education event aimed at offering our promising youngsters an opportunity to expand their horizons by designing and building robots robot models and experiencing the world.

The international Robot Olympiad is an annual international robotic events, as a platform for all grades of schools and for university students Including graduate students to develop their ideas, skills and creativity through research, development and competicion. The IRO also provides an exhibitions-style for robot-related Organizations and industry to exhibit, promote and demonstrate their products or prototypes roomates are of reasonable physical size.

I was very proud to be able to the committee at this event, especially to meet and experience with various friends among countries, such as Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea , Thailnad, and USA.

Please note this event takes place over three days at the University of Tarumanegara, of course, before the big show begins, we as the committee for a few days at the building where the exercises were held, the category of the competition consists of Robot Pre-Junior, Junior Robot, Robot and Robot Challenge.
When I get in the Junior category Robot, where I watched the kids, Wow ... Yeay .. I love children ... hheheh 

By the time the competition started, we as the committee began to work and to make the proud host Indonesia. Although tired but still the spirit, when we use two clothes given by Mr. Ir. Santoso Gondowidjojo, GD. Mus as the General Chair of International Robot Olympiad Committee Indonesia and provided also by my college is the University of Esa Unggul.

Actually somewhat deviated from my department, my major is accounting, but this experience really adds insight, experiences, new friends, and I became fluent english,, hehehe. Since we are required to use English during this event .. Yeah,,this is international event ..

I hope to participate again participate in this event, and other international events ..
dream, believe  it and make it happen. :)

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